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Beauty and the Machine

Everyone will agree that we have advanced very fast in the last couple of decades but most wont notice that the beauty industry has also kept up at this frantic pace.  Most people wont be aware of this fact but as our everyday lives have become simpler this has directly also changed our concept of beauty.  For the record I’m not talking about cheaper costs due to mass production but about the direct change upon the beauty industry due to the technology available today.

A simple example of this is regarding the beauty devices that are available that allow us to change our looks in ways which we may not have been able to achieve easily naturally. Such as in the old days if you wanted to have long straight hair but you were born with curly hair you would have to go to the salon every couple of months. This turned most women away from going for straight hair because of all the trouble that will be involved and they just stayed with their curly hair.

Today you can straighten your hair using a simple hair straightener device and you have countless women within long silky hair but you wont even know they naturally have curly hair. You also have the opposite occurring as well women with fine hair are able to use a curling iron to go with a curly hair look if they want to. So beauty is not as limited by your genes anymore as it was before and this trend will continue well into the future.

Another significant trend that s occurring within the beauty industry due to technological advances is the re-launch of old unsuccessful beauty devices and products which have been improved now and have become incredibly popular.  An example of a device such as this is the hair removal epilator which was launched in about the early 90s which is a mechanical device that pulls out unwanted hair. This was sort of a mechanized tweezing machine which had the best intentions of giving you the effectiveness offered by tweezers but removing the slow manual process involved. The epilator had a lot of hype around it at first but quickly became famous for more of a torture device than a beauty product.

The epilator became famous for making women cry with unbearable pain as they tried to remove unwanted hair and quickly became unpopular due to the negative stigma that it was shrouded in. But the epilator is quickly rising in popularity again but this is not the same epilator as before. These new epilators are designed using the latest technology to provide a safe and clean hair removal process. From containing anti bacterial sensors to prevent rashes to scientifically engineered epilator heads to pull hair quickly and painlessly to built in hair lifting technology which have made these as one of the most modern and effective unwanted hair removal devices in the market. But make sure you don’t just go out and buy an epilator with your gut feeling since many of the epilators will make you wish that you used a cactus in its place.  As when investing in a modern gadget you need to do some research regarding the best epilators  for legs to get your money’s worth .

A whole book can be dedicated to this interesting topic of beauty and the beast but for this article I only mentioned a couple of points which I see having a major effect right now and into the future upon our standard of beauty.