1000 B.C__ Tubatulabul and Kawaiisu Indian tribes occupy the Kern Valley. Descendants still
                        live in the area.
1769 _____ The future Kern County came under Spanish rule
1806 _____ "La Porciuncula" name given to present Kern River by Padre Jose Zalvidea
1830 _____ Ewing Young trapping party, including Kit Carson, passed through Kern
1834 _____ Joseph Reddeford Walker crossed Southern Sierra. Walker's Pass later named for him.
1843 _____ Chiles emigrant party led over Walker's Pass
1844 _____ Second John C. Fremont expedition through valley, included Carson and Alexis Godey
1845 _____ Third Fremont expedition. Named Kern River for Edward M. Kern, topographer for party
1848 _____ Kern area became U.S. territory with signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Feb. 2)
1849 _____ Passage of Death Valley '49er emigrant parties through eastern Kern
1853 _____ Gold discovered in Greenhorn Gulch, on Greenhorn Mountain Town of Keyesville founded.
                        First called "Hogeye." Named for Richard Keyes, discoverer.
                  Town of Petersburg founded, named for Peter Gardett, later called "Greenhorn"
1854 _____ Kern's gold excitement began with discovery on Greenhorn Creek and the Kern River
                  General John C. Fremont's fifth expedition passed through Kern via Bird Spring Pass
1855 _____ Gold rush to upper Kern River area
                  Thomas Heston and Company express service began between Keyesville and Stockton
                  First quartz mill in county--at Keyesville, operated by Mr. Lightner
1856 _____ Bull road completed over Greenhorn by William P. Lynn
                  Keysville established – Site of the Mammoth and Keys Mines
                  First post office in Kern County established at Keyesville (Mar. 11)
1859 _____ First Settlers on South Fork. Town of Weldon named.
1860 _____ Big Blue Mine discovered by Lovely Rogers
                  Town of Whiskey Flat, also called "Williamsburg", established to accommodate
                        miners of the Big Blue Mine. Name changed to Kernville in 1864
1861 _____ Onyx store built by William Scodie
                  Gold discovered on Kelso Creek and Piute Mountain
                  Sinai [Kelso] Mining District established
                  Civil War impacts the Southern Sierra 1861-1865
1862 _____ Kern River flood destroyed many mining operations
1863 _____ 35 Tubatulabal Indians killed for alleged cattle stealing in U.S. Army attack on
                        upper Kern River near Keyesville (Apr.)
                  School established at Kernville
                  Temporary U.S. Army "Camp Leonard" established on South Fork of Kern River
                        for controlling Indian population
1864 _____ Whiskey Flat renamed "Kernville"
                  Gold discovered at Havilah
                  McFarlane toll road completed over Greenhorn Mountain
1865 _____ Mead and Clark Company began stage service between Havilah and Visalia
1866 _____ Rio Bravo Mining District established
                  Washington Mining District established
                  Piute Mining District established
                  Agua Caliente Mining District established
                  Dahlonega Mining District established
                  Cottonwood Mining District established
                  First county hospital established at Havilah
                  First homestead claim filed in county by John and T. O. Fowler, Havilah
                  Post office established at Havilah (Jan. 9)
                  Joe Walker Mine discovered (Mar.)
                  Kern County established. First county seat at Havilah (Apr. 2)
                  First election of county officials (July 12)
                  First newspaper, "Havilah Courier," began publication (Aug. 18)
                  Town of Sageland founded east of the Piute Mountains
                  First election in Kern County--on Kelso Creek (Sageland Precinct)
                  Great Kern River flood destroyed many homes (Dec.-early 1868)
1868 _____ Public school established at Kernville (May 5)
                  Franchise granted for Cross, Norton and Company Toll Road from Havilah to
                        Cross (later Breckenridge) Mountain by county supervisors
1872 _____ Kern Lodge #202, I.O.O.F. founded (Apr. 26)
1873 _____ County election held to decide county seat question (Feb. 15)
                  Water right granted for Farmers' Canal (Apr. 20)
                  Pioneer Canal granted water right (Apr. 26)
                  Water right granted to Kern River Water and Irrigating Company for their
                        Beardsley Canal (Dec. 2)
1874 _____ County seat moved to Bakersfield from Havilah (Feb.)
1875 _____ Town of "Caliente" founded. First called "Allen's Camp"
                  Caliente school district formed (June 1)
1876 _____ Warren Frazier first man through the Kern River gorge (Sep.)
1876-77___ Severe drought in area
1877 _____ California Desert Land Act passed by Congress--encouraged further settlement
                        and irrigation
1878 _____ Andrew Brown's flour mill at Kernville began operation (Sep.)
1883 _____ Kernville fire
1888 _____ Community of "Onyx" founded. Post office established (Dec. 2)
1892 _____ Post office of "Bodfish" established, named for George H. Bodfish (June 30)
                         (renamed "Vaughn" in 1897)
1893 _____ Town of "Isabella" founded. Named for Queen Isabella of Spain. City plat filed (Jan. 5)
                  Kern River flooded Bakersfield (Feb. 10)
                  President Benjamin Harrison signed proclamation creating Sierra Forest Reserve,
                        including area of Kern County (renamed Sierra National Forest (Feb. 14)
1894 _____ Kern River power transmission line completed to Los Angeles
1897 _____ Early Kern River power plant in operation (Apr. 4)
1898 _____ First electricity from Power Transit and Light plant in Kern River Canyon
                  "Dahlonega Health Resort" established on Kern River
1900 _____ Democrat Hot Springs resort established on Kern River
1901 _____ Plat filed for town of Caliente (Mar.)
1905 _____ Start of Kern River canyon highway
1906 _____ Edison Electric Company's first Kern River canyon power plant “KR-1” completed (Sep.)
                        (put into commission May 15, 1907)
                  Lindsay B. Hicks buried alive in construction of Edison Power tunnel near Kern
                        River. (Dec. 7) Rescued (Dec. 22)
1909 _____ Caliente destroyed by fire (June 15)
1910 _____ Kern National Forest established by President Taft
1911 _____ Rural electric power service became available
1913 _____ Caliente flood
1914 _____ Kern River flood (Jan. 25-27)
1915 _____ Unpaved Ridge Route highway opened (Oct.)
1916 _____ Kern River flood (Jan. 17-19)
1921 _____ Third power plant “KR-3”, near Riverkern completed
1922 _____ Severe winter storm (Jan. 29-30)
1923 _____ Kern County Fish and Game Protective Association organized
1926 _____ Kern Canyon Highway completed to Bakersfield
1932 _____ Post office established at "Hobo Hot Springs" (Feb. 4)
1938 _____ Kernville "News" began publication (Feb. 11)
1941 _____ Kern Valley High School began
1947 _____ Hobo Hot Springs post office renamed "Miracle Hot Springs" (Nov. 1)
1948 _____ "Wofford Heights" community founded, named for I. L. Wofford
                  Groundbreaking for Isabella Dam held by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (May 29)
1948-53___ Structures removed from Kernville and Isabella to make way for new lake
1951 _____ New Kernville community founded
1952 _____ Town of "Kernvale" founded just south of the community of Lake Isabella
1953 _____ Isabella Dam completed (Mar.)
1954 _____ First carload of uranium ore from California is shipped out of the Miracle mine
                        in the Kern River Canyon (July 31)
1957 _____ First Whiskey Flat Days celebration, Kernville
                  "Kern Valley News" paper established at Kernville (Aug. 29) (became the "Sun" in Nov. 1959)
1959 _____ Driest year on record-- 1.87" rainfall
1964 _____ First annual Wofford Heights Fall Festival
1966 _____ Severe rainstorm over Kern River basin (Dec. 2-7) Kernville flooded
1967 _____ Kern Valley Historical Society established
1969 _____ Silver City Ghost Town started at Bodfish
1974 _____ New 14-mile freeway section in Kern Canyon opened
1975 _____ Kern River Valley Museum dedicated at Kernville
                  Historic Rankin Ranch in Walker Basin featured in bicentennial film
                  Miracle Hot Springs burned (Dec. 23)
1977 _____ KVLI, Kern River Valley's first radio station goes on the air
1982 _____ 1500-acre Kern River Preserve dedicated near Weldon
1983 _____ Caliente "Fence Post Country Reader" began publication
                  Caliente Creek floods Lamont--$40 million in damage (Mar.)
1985 _____ KKRV, Kernville, began broadcasts (Nov.)
1990 _____ Kern Valley Museum Opened
???? _____ Not Recorded
2004 _____ “Kern River Courier” newspaper established at Kernville (Jan 8th) First publication to
                         achieve adjudication in Kern County since 1969
2006 _____ Kernville Resident, Tom Johnson, designer of first commercial kayak, inducted into
                        Whitewater Hall of Fame (Nov ?)

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